Senate postpones vote on Republican healthcare

Posted on June 27th 2017 in Health Plans

AHCAToday, the Senate postponed the vote on the Republican version of its healthcare bill in the face of a posssible defeat on Thursday. The matter is expected to go to the Senate floor on Monday, July 10th. Several factors led to the postponement, according to San Francisco's KPIX-5 and Melissa Caen. Chief among them was Monday's report from the non-partisan Congressional Bydget Office which predicted average premiums would rise by $619 monthly, 1.6 million individuals would immediately lose their coverage abd $24 billion in Federal tax revvenue would be loss. A secondary factor would certainly be the fact that five Republican Senators have promised opposition to the bill, making it vulnerable to defeat.

Also Monday, Senate Republicans on Monday revised their version of their healthcare reform bill with a provision consumers with a 63 day or more lapse in coverage to wait six months before buying insurance and meaning to alleviate insurance company concerns that people would only sign up for coverage if isurers can't deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. This also means that those without health coverage will be uninsured when unexpected accidents or illnesses occur, making it more difficult to obtain treatment. With the proposed cuts to Medicaid and Medi-Cal, patients using those county and state outlets with also be forced to pay.