Senate proposes extending Obama-care type subsidies

Posted on June 22nd 2017 in General

by American Health Advocates

June 22, 2017 -- After much secrecy, the Senate has revealed its changes and upgrades to the Affordable Health Care Act, known as "Obamacare."  As reported by Forbes, the plan would extend the cost sharing reductions ("CSRs") to 2020 after the mid term elections and the Presidential re-election bid for Donald Trump.  While this is good news for insurance companies currently relying on those CSRs to defray the cost of providing insurance, the plan similarly phases out Medicaid payments and reimbursements leaving hundreds of thousands of low income and disabled patients without access to care.

However, Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) is already leading the opposition charge, promising to vote against the burgeoning Senate bill.  This may include as many as ten but definitely three Republican senators and would effectively kill the bill if brought to the floor for a vote.  Ancilliary to this issue is the fact that the bill has yet to be reconciled with the House bill.  The latter has cuts that eliminate the CSRs, Medicaid and age based subsidies.